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    Website Update January 2018


    Greetings, Champions! I am here today with an update to Topplerite’s website! I know you must be itching to explore this website, but for those who are curious about all the changes, here are the full update notes:

    January 2018 Update:


    • Now features an automated slideshow

    • New Selection of guides

    • New champion portraits


    • Check guides here !

    • New layout inside the cards for the Match-up section

    • Short descriptions of the player(s) who helped with writing guides, with links to their social networks.

    • Guides are updated as of the 20th of January 2018!

    • Added guides for Thorn, Destiny, Alysia and Zander.

    • Modification of the statistics at the beginning of the page:

      • Damage

      • Survival (Mobility and ability to stay alive)

      • Protection (How much they are able to support allies)

      • Control (Crowd Control. Stuns, Petrifies, etc.)

      • Difficulty

    • New Battlerites Build System:

      • Several builds are available according to different situations (2v2, 3v3, against melee etc ..)

      • In each build, variants can exist (two cards can be changed according to a certain criteria).

      • Deleting combos in the sections Basic guide and Mastering guide

    • New section of Combos:
      All combos possible with the champion are in this section. They will contain the following: The combination of keys, difficulty and a short description to help understand the combo.

    • New layout of the various key points in “Basic Guides”.

    • New layout and icons added to the different paragraphs of the “Mastering Guide” section.

    • There are also links which redirect users to guides in the same champion category (melee, ranged, support).

    • Random YouTube videos containing clips with the relevant champion will also be featured.

    Error page:

    • Check the 404 !

    • Error 404 Page has been created. Rook will be redirected here if you enter an incorrect URL.

    Upcoming updates:

    • Improved and optimized site performance.

    • Add a member login page. This will allow users to comment on articles.

    • Add a newsletter.

    • Improved News page.

    • More Guides!

    • Updated synergy sections with 2v2 and 3v3 compositions as well as various features to help users visualize how to use said compositions.

    • Mastering Guide sections for all champions will be revised to include gameplay changes and other gameplay details (specific to some builds / game modes).

    • 4K Battlerite wallpapers.

    Thank you for reading! Now get out there and explore Topplerite!

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