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    Jamila, the Shadowblade Assassin


    Battlerite’s newest champion, Jamila, just arrived this Wednesday along with plenty of other exciting content you can expect to see later on Topplerite. After the death of her mother, matriarch of the Shadowblade clan, Jamila was promoted to leader of her people. Many doubted her ability to lead due to how young and inexperienced she was but Jamila was determined to prove her strength once and for all in the arena. She is quick, ruthless, and without a doubt fun—so let’s jump right in. What do the professionals think of her?

    Professional Opinions

    Tunni, 3rd Place in Asia Tournament #4

    Tunni thinks Jamila is a mixture of sorts between Shifu and Croak. He believes that she will ultimately be more viable in twos than in threes because of how easily she can be punished if she uses her space to engage; this would leave Jamila with only her counter or hook shot to escape—both having a chance to not entirely work in her favour if the enemies have decent gamesense. He thinks a bit more time is needed to figure out how she really plays, especially if she has some combos that need to be nailed down properly. Otherwise, Tunni thinks Jamila is relatively balanced as opposed to her being over tuned like he assumed she might be at release.

    D3v1lish, 2nd Place in Asia Tournament #4

    D3v1lish’s view on Jamila is a bit tougher, believing she lacks any real follow-up damage on her incapacitations—or just burst damage in general. He thinks she is very reliant on her team in order to be valuable, and if they aren’t pulling their own weight then Jamila can’t either. He also points out that there is a lot of delay when using Jamila’s skills, making her gameplay not as fluid as it probably should be. Also considering most of her abilities can be countered, D3v1lish thinks Jamila could use some changes.

    Verosk, 1st Place in Battlerekt EU 3v3s Season 2

    Verosk’s opinion on Jamila lies somewhere in between D3v1lish’s and Tunni’s. He thinks that she definitely has potential, but she just isn’t strong enough yet to have it realized. One of her main problems, he believes, is that she has trouble trading damage in her favour against other melee champions. Verosk says that a Shifu would probably be more effective in most scenarios than a Jamila—with the exception of combo potential. Verosk says that combo potential with her team is where Jamila really shines; her incapacitations can set up plenty of harsh bursts of damage which can even determine the outcome of a match if taken advantage of. One that he brings up himself includes Jade and Zander: “An early incap on to the enemy healer into a sheep and a snipe combo can almost end the entire round out right.”

    In case you haven’t gotten the chance to play this new champion yet, here’s a rundown of everything she can do.


    Mouse 1: Assassin’s Cut

    A basic melee attack with a combo at the end. Jamila quickly strikes her blades three times in front of herself followed by a powerful final attack that hits a single enemy in a larger radius.

    Mouse 2: Shuriken

    Jamila throws a shuriken that inflicts snare and can bounce between enemies three times, each time doing less damage. This ability also has an EX version:

    EX Mouse 2: Blood Kunai

    Another projectile, but this time it does not bounce and instead inflicts weakness. If it hits an enemy, it will jump to the closest ally and heal them. If there are no allies nearby, it will come back and heal Jamila.

    Spacebar: Elusive Strike

    A dash which goes further and deals more damage the longer it is charged it up. It also has a special second dash which only initiates if your first dash hits a wall. The second dash will inflict incapacitate. This is Jamila’s second skill with an EX mode:

    EX Spacebar: Phantom Strike

    A double dash skill as well except it is shorter, faster, cannot be charged up, and the second dash does not require you to hit a wall. The first dash deals damage and inflicts snare, while the second brings you back to your original position and incapacitates.

    Q: Shadow Dance

    A counter ability which Jamila can use while moving, albeit slower. If triggered, she will briefly become immaterial followed by turning invisible and getting a movement speed increase. Her next basic attack while invisible will deal extra damage and inflict Phantom Cut on the enemy hit, dealing a burst of damage after a short delay.

    E: Hook Shot

    Jamila throws a blade with a chain. If it hits an enemy, Jamila and the enemy hit will be pulled to each other and she will deliver a strike upon collision. If the blade hits a wall, Jamila will pull herself to it.

    R: Deadly Blow

    Jamila readies her blades and deals a small burst of damage. Hitting it will also stun the enemy very briefly and restore some of her health.

    F: Stalking Phantom

    Jamila sends out a phantom of herself in a long line. It will deal damage to every enemy it passes through, and stop at the last one. The phantom will do three sets of very fast strikes which hit everyone in front of it. If the targeted enemy moves out of its radius, it will target the next closest enemy in the area. If there are no enemies left in the area, it will remain in that spot until it runs out of time.

    All around, Jamila is a well-rounded assassin archetype of a character with access to plenty of crowd control and some fun battlerites. Her kit undeniably has a lot of disables and debuffs while also providing a decent amount of self-healing and mobility—but is it enough? Professionals seem to think she is too reliant on her team and that she alone is not all that strong, which does seem true. But it is also true that, with some coordination, a Jamila can easily setup some meaningful damage with the right team composition. Overall, she very likely could see some buffs in the future. In the meantime, Jamila will most definitely be a rewarding champion to play for those who master her and have good coordination with their team. But do not expect to learn her quickly!

    Look out for our Jamila guide coming to Topplerite soon !

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