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    Ulric, The Unwavering Light


    Greetings, fellow champions!
    Battlerite’s latest champion, Ulric, The Unwavering Light has descended upon the arena with the arrival of the newest patch. Players from around the world are taking him out for a test drive, and I am here to bring you some pro player opinions along with some from the general playerbase.

    There will also be a simple list of Ulric’s abilities at the bottom of the page for reference.


    Team Steakhouse (4th place Asia #4) - twitch.tv/naddy1328

    “The Skin Design team did an amazing job this patch. I have not played enough bruisers to comment on his M1. His M2 heal is not as strong as some other healers, but his space heal serves as a good substitute.When you combine his two healing spells together though, his healing factor does seem to be overpowered.

    His space reset is quite overpowered, there are ways to counter it such as standing in the way of his ally, but Ulric’s ex-space negates that entirely. Even if my space is on cooldown, I can simply use R in the meantime as an I-frame substitute. My one complaint about him would be that he has way too many visual effects to the point that it hurts your eyes. It makes it hard to distinguish things like his Q projectile.

    Overall, I believe he has great potential and I expect a lot from this champ. Healing factor is simply way too good and I believe it will be nerfed. He has high health, great dodging abilities and he is hard to catch. He can, however, get into a critical situation if he misses his space on his teammate.”


    Team Meow (Champions of Asia #3) - twitch.tv/hisgram

    “Feels like a Bakko with heals. Seems very stylish and is definitely very fun to play.”


    High Elo Korean Player, Korean Coach - twitch.tv/dydongs

    “This champ is quite defensive playstyle-wise as his character design suggests. His space cast time is really quick and his dash speed is even faster contrary to his heavily-armored look. He seems to just fly around the map.”


    Team Carrynet (Champions of Asia #4), Team Meow (Champions of Asia #3) - twitch.tv/clarinet2second

    “Great support. He has a strong healing potential in comparison to his looks. He is pretty strong in 2v2 but is even better in 3v3s I think. Seems like he’s an all-round strong champ.”


    Team Meow (Champions of Asia #3) - twitch.tv/pumayo

    “He has mobility, healing, CC. A support that has it all. Great design, I think he will be loved by a lot of users.”


    Team PinkyKimchi (2nd Place Asia #4)

    “Good. Works well in melee comps or with other supports. His Ex spells are awesome. Only problem is hitting obstacles when trying to space onto your teammate.I guess my primary complaint would be that his M1 hitbox feels a little small. I have to be right in their face to hit the stun. He seems to have the smallest swing but his model is huge.”

    I hope you enjoyed reading these opinions! Please do give us feedback and let us know what else you would like to see in future articles!

    Ulric, The Unwavering Light

    Hammer of Justice (M1)

    Melee attack that deals 10 damage. Weapon recharges over time. When fully charged, deals 20 damage and inflicts Stun to the nearest enemy and deals 12 area damage to nearby enemies.

    Holy Light (M2)

    Call down a beam of holy light that heals the ally nearest target location for 14 health.

    Intervene (Space)

    Become immaterial and dash forward to slam an enemy, dealing 12 damage. Dashing through an ally heals self and ally for 12 health, applies Favor, recharges you weapon, and resets cooldown. Cannot hit allies affected by Favor.

    Radiant Shield (Q)

    Put up your shield and absorb projectile and melee attacks in front of you. Absorbing an attack charges your shield up to 3 times. Fires a wave of light in a cone dealing 12 damage and inflicting Blind when the effect ends if your shield is charged. Each charge increases the radius.

    Retribution (E)

    Knock nearby enemies back and replace Holy Light with Smite, a projectile attack dealing 14/18/22 damage. The effect lasts for 3 attacks or up to 5s. The effect can be canceled by recasting the ability.

    Condemn (R)

    Jump into the air and slam your shield into the ground to send out a shockwave. The shockwave deals 10 damage and launches an enemy into the air for 1.8s.

    Aegis of Divinity (F)

    Throw your returning Aegis. Deals 28-44 damage and inflicts Incapacitate, damage increases with travel distance. The Aegis lands on the ground on impact. Picking it up or catching it when it returns applies Divinity.

    Crusade (EX Space)

    Become immaterial and dash forward piercing through enemies. Deals 12 damage and inflicts Fading Snare. Dashing through an ally heals them and self for 12 health, applies Favor, recharges your weapon, and resets cooldown. Cannot hit allies affected by Favor.

    Sanctuary (EX Q)

    Heal all nearby allies for 20 health and grant a Shield, absorbing up to 20 damage for 2.5s.

    Favor (Buff)

    Increases healing received from your abilities by 40%. Lasts 5s.

    Divinity (Buff)

    Shields ally absorbing up to 24 damage, increases movement speed by 25% and damage output by 25%. Lasts 5s.

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