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    Ft. Reydes / Boccato


    Poke, burst, constant damage



    Air times, counter, self-shields





    Pull, push, incapacitate





    The Eye of the Storm


    • Good pressure

    • Good mobility

    • Good shields


    • Counter hit reliant in 3v3

    1. Standard build

    Great balance between move speed and shields which are main abilities Freya needs. Also double hammer is great for static and CC.

    Against high speed teams

    Twin hammers

    Storm Mace gains 1 ability charge but cooldown increases by 1s.


    Electric conduction

    While the Spring effect is active, your next Bash also grants you a 14 health Shield for 3s.


    Thundering spring

    Spring range increases by 25% and haste duration increases by 0.5s.


    Lightning rod

    Each target hit by Thunderclap grants you a 12 health Shield for 3s.



    Thunderclap deals 5 bonus damage and pulls enemies towards you.



    Landing Storm Mace increases your movement speed by 35% for 2s.

    2. High shield amount build

    Great against multiple melee, this build is focused on shield stacking.

    Punishment and easy stuck

    Twin hammers

    Storm Mace gains 1 ability charge but cooldown increases by 1s.


    Hammer time

    Countering an attack with Electric Shield reduces the remaining cooldown of Thunderclap by 2.5s.



    Lightning Strike applies a Stun for 1s.


    Lightning rod

    Each target hit by Thunderclap grants you a 12 health Shield for 3s.



    Thunderclap deals 5 bonus damage and pulls enemies towards you.



    Reduces Charged Strike cooldown by 3s and hitting at least one target grants 25% energy.


    Basic guide

    Beginner tips

    The first option to evaluate is to get close to your target using your mount (beware of getting dismounted, in the case that a projectile is flying toward you, you can use your Counter (Q) or Spring (Space) to dodge it and keep the aggression).

    After you started your aggression correctly, always be sure to be ready to use your iframes (Thunderclap - Spring and Lighting Strike if available) to dodge key skills from the opponent and deal damage at the same time, in a way to keep our momentum and be ahead once again on the cooldown trading.

    Freya, togheter with Raigon and Shifu, is one of the champion with the best “bully” skills. This means that you rarely have to react to direct aggression, since you're mostly often leading the trade offensively.

    If forced in a defensive situation (low hp trades for example) always try to use your iframes dynamically to dodge key skills from enemies and deal damage at the same time. Your main goal is to answer back with aggression over aggression or to let enemy use more skill as possible trying to retain your one, in a way to answer back with your full force after. Learning to master defense properly (especially with simple movement dodging) allows you to land full combos that can be devastating for the enemy team.

    Mastering guide


    Try to reach your opponents without using your gapclosers : it is more important to keep them to dodge the different crowd controls you could get hit with. Keep a constant pressure on your target, prioritizing ennemies having less or even no escape !

    Sudden death

    Freya truly shines in Sudden Death situations, thanks to the fact that she excel in chaotic skirmish and get crazy value the more the enemies are close to her (easier to land static on more target, more incap opportunities, more shield opportunities, more damage and control overall). Always try to push your opponent in the death fog. In these cases it is strongly adviced to abuse your EX skills to land Fading Snare that leads to easy M2 knockbacks/incaps.

    During Sudden Death, Orb control becomes really important. How to play it? Just keep up your aggression, pushing your enemy away and try to get it together with your teammate on your way back after an hard trade.

    Advanced tips

    Lock Down w Incap: Low but still meaningful Damage combo (54 damage), really useful for stopping enemies with some damage and a incapacitate. Extremely strong if your teammate is able to follow up on the incap. Notice that this combo requires 25 energy : EX E > Spring on target > M1 (2-3xM1 if target has no escapes) > M2

    Hammer Dance (Twin Hammers needed): Main damage combo for Twin Hammers Battlerite (60-68 damage). It allows you to squish a decent amount of damage ending with a possible incapacitate. Thunderbolt Battlerite pull some more value out of it adding 8 damage to the last M2 : M2 > Spring on Target > M1 > E (or EX E if target is far) > M2

    All the combo above are landed in a perfect situation. We all know that a lot of interaction happens every second in a Battlerite match. leading you to imperfect combos. Learning how to get out correctly of a failed combo is impossible to report fully in a guide. This is were experience and personal strategic skill kicks in.

    In few words, keep playing and always aim for the full one, but be ready to try your best to fix mistakes dynamically.

    Orb control

    Here it comes the only true Freya weakness. Orb Control. There's not much to say, you don't have any combo to land for getting a quick orb. Your best steal skills are your Bash after a Spring (18 damage Bash, enemies will not expect you to jump and steal orb) or a sneaky Charged Strike used during an enemy orb bodyblock.

    A good way to play around the raw damage that you lack against the Orb is to go for a fast incap. This will lead you to a possibility to push back the enemies away from the orb hoping for your teammate to secure it in a 2v1 situation.

    Careful with Orb bodyblocking, if you don't have your Counter up or you fail it, be ready to run and leave the orb to the enemy team. If you're able to get it but at the same time you get damaged for more than 40 hps, is often not worth.

    Synergy & Match-up

    We are actually updating Synergy and Match-ups.

    A video with Freya

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