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    Ft. Nyy


    Poke, burst, constant damage, dot



    Self-shield, haste, absorb shield, iframe, dispel



    Shield, dispel, haste



    Pull, stun, incapacitate





    The Scavenging Inventor


    • Excellent short range damages

    • A lot of CC

    • Much utility

    • Good orb control


    • Weak in long distances trades

    • Hard to learn at first

    1. Standard build

    Mobility build you can use for 2v2 and 3v3.

    With dispel


    Rocket X-67 deals 4 bonus damage.



    After using Jet Pack you can re-activate it to fly back.


    Rocket boosters

    Jet Pack increases movement speed by 50% for 2.5s.



    Tazer dispels positive buffs from enemies in an area.


    Durable shield

    Zap absorbs 8 more damage and 16 more damage on allies.


    Blast shield

    Zap knocks nearby enemies back and grants a 30% Fading Haste that lasts 2s.

    2. Double Tazer

    Build against opponents who stick together.

    Without dispel


    Rocket X-67 deals 4 bonus damage.



    After using Jet Pack you can re-activate it to fly back.


    Blast shield

    Zap knocks nearby enemies back and grants a 30% Fading Haste that lasts 2s.



    Tazer bounces towards an additional target.



    Tazer dispels positive buffs from enemies in an area.


    Tractor pulse

    Tractor Beam stuns ail enemies caught in the beam for 0.5s when the effect ends and cooldown is reduced by 3s.


    Basic guide

    Beginner tips

    Keep in mind that the movement speed bonus will disappear if the shield breaks.

    Use your space in a defensive way, you have only 1 escape spell !

    Flamethrower doesn't proke counters !

    Don't hesitate to burn an Oil affected target with your Flamethrower (EXM1) or a rocket (M2) for a good burst !


    Difficulty :
    Oil + M2

    You can burst by using Oil, take care don't us space in wrong situation. Use it as counterattack or when you're sure you can kill opponent.

    Difficulty :
    Oil + exM1

    Really great burst because you deal huge damages in movement without trigger counters

    Difficulty :
    exE + M2

    Combo to assure your M2 and replace yourself

    Mastering guide


    Like most of ranged champions, you will try to avoid getting too close to your ennemies, but because of her short range, you still have to be near your opponents to trade them. Keep your space to escape and not to engage.

    Keep in mind that you have more utility than the other ranged champions, help your teammates with your CC's and cleanse (Q) : it is the key to win games as Iva.

    In 2v2, Iva can be way more aggressive because you are less likely to get hardly punished, it's not impossible that you will have to use your space to punish an ennemy.

    Sudden death

    You have a good kit in 1v1's, an incap, a shield, a lot of damages, but you don't have anything to push your opponents out of the safe zone, so just avoid to make the rounds too long.

    Advanced tips

    You can use your R like an Ezmo Shield (Q), try to use it as fast as you would use a counter, it will increase your survavibility.

    M2 and incap (EX-E) can be fake casted really easily to bait defensive spells from your ennemies.

    With the good battlerite, your Tazor (E) can clean up ennemy buffs ! It is very strong versus champions such as Rook (Proking counter and using tazor after).

    Your shield can clean up debuffs ! Learn to use it to his maximum potential, against incap combos for example. It is sometimes better to cleanse an incap with your Q than keeping it to block some damages.

    Iva's ultimate is very situational, it will be more interesting to use your energy for your EX's, especially for Incaps (EX-E) and Tractor Beam (R) to increase your survavibility and your CC potential.

    Orb control

    Iva can incap before the orb spawn, to avoid your ennemy to get it. Your M2 deals 26, which is very useful to secure it. If you took the M2 bonus damage Battlerite, you need 2 M1 and 1 M2 to take the orb by yourself.

    Synergy & Match-up

    We are actually updating Synergy and Match-ups.



    Be careful about her high range, and try to keep your Space to dodge her ult !


    Bakko can easily predict where you will be landing after your Space and follow with his own Space, he can also send your high damages back with his Bulwark. Use your mobility and your CC kit properly to win this match up.


    You can't afford to trade with him, he can also easily dodge your M2's. But keep in mind that your Tazor can dispell his stealth ! Use it properly.


    You have the range advantage. If he engages you with his Space, instantly E him to prevent him from recasting it ! It will be much easier for you to trade him if you do so.


    She has a lot of spells to dodge your Tazor and M2's. There is no real solution there, stay mobile to keep her away from you !


    Aim better than your opponent, use your E to dispell her shield and use your Q to clear Oil !


    She has more range than you, and has more damages than you in short range trades. Use your E to dispell her stealth/shield (her EX-Q).


    It will be very easy to hit M2 and punish him, your mobility will allow you to easily dodge his spells.


    She has almost nothing to dodge your M2's, and can't afford to trade with you. Use your shield to cleanse her Deadly Injection.


    The bubbles will make you mad, try to burn him with Oil + Flamethrower (EXM1) whenever you can. You can dispell his petrify with your Shield before it activates.


    A bit like Oldur, his bubbles will force you to come close to him, but keep in mind that she can clear your Oil with her shield, so you have even less solution to damage her. You will have to incap her to hit your M2's on her !


    Very easy to punish with your ultimate after his Space ! Keep in mind that hitting his Queen is a good way to get free energy !


    She doesn't have a lot of spells to dodge your M2's, try to poke her from long distances, you have the range advantage in this match up !


    Like Bakko, he can easily stick to you. Try to make a good use of your mobility to avoid getting hit by him !


    Your tazor dispells his berserk, you can proke his counter without any problem then use Tazor. Your mobility will prevent him to get close to you.

    Ruh Kaan

    RuhKan has good ranged damages (M2), but he is not the only one here ! Use your mobility to avoid getting hooked / getting hit by his M2.


    You have great low/middle range damage, allowing you to beat him at pure kite fight damage. Use your shield after he immaterial, helping you to kite by pushing him away and you can bait his counter or immaterial with cancel spells (exE or M2). Be aware of his ult, you need at least a tazer (E) or jump (space) to survive it.


    Her high mobility is annoying for Iva, but if you hit your Tazor on her, you will take a serious advantage !


    It's quite easy to trade with him, since you can clear his debuffs with your shield !

    A video with Iva

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