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    Ft. Audaz


    Poke, Burst, constant damage



    iframe, self-healing, immaterial





    Stun, Root, Slow, push





    The Beast Hunter


    • Good range

    • High damages

    • Good self healing

    • Good CC


    • Weak at start of round

    • Mobility depends of stacks

    • Hard to master

    1. Standard build

    Allow you to have a great amount of heal and CC which are bases to survive as Jumong.

    More survive Trap combo damages

    Perfect shot

    Steady Shot stuns the enemy for 0.5s.


    Arrow storm

    Increases the radius of Rain of Arrows by 15% and damage by 4.



    Black Arrow grants a 50% Fading Haste that lasts for 1.5s.


    Death mark

    Consuming Seekers Mark deals 4 bonus damage.


    Crippling hail

    Increases the Snare effect of Rain of Arrows from 20% to 35%.



    Deploy one additional Bear Trap in front of the first one.


    Disabling trap

    Enemies caught in Bear Trap deal 40% reduced damage and receive 40% less healing.


    Basic guide

    Beginner tips

    Try to build energy as early as possible, because jumong rely on it (R to escape or reposition, EXM1 to heal, EXM2 to burst).

    Make the most of Jumong's range potential, especially vs melee champs. Try to place yourself slightly farther than their range and poke them as much as you can. They will be force to overcommit on you and if they fail you can easily punish them.


    Difficulty :
    M1 + exM1 + M1

    This damage cycle allows you to kite your opponent and to heal yourself.

    Difficulty :
    Q + M1 + Q + M1

    Optimisation of Seeker's Mark with Q.

    Difficulty :
    exM1 + space + M1 + exM1 + space

    Optimisation of escape. You can use this combo to dodge and lifesteal due to Seeker's Mark. This combo must have the triple stack to recast the space.

    Difficulty :
    M1 + exM2 + exM1 + M1

    Ex-spells combo allows Jumong to punish a solo targets.

    Mastering guide


    At the beggining of each round, play safe and try to get your 3 stacks (to get double space) then you can afford to play more aggressively.

    Try to place as much good traps as you can, for you by selftrapping, but also near your allies to peel for them by zoning the ennemies out.

    Don't get cornered : you want to kite as much as possible and try to always poke from your max range.

    Sudden death

    Keep zoning with your Rain of Arrows and Traps and always try to poke carries when they come in your range.

    Advanced tips

    Use your R/Spaces in a way to reposition near your allies. Try not to waste it for a useless poke or you would find yourself in a really bad position since jumong have no other escape apart from Space and R.

    Self trapping/Self Q is a good strategy vs melee champs, if they dash into you they will be force to get root/slow, building up time for you to position after this aggression.

    Use your recasts properly to be as much efficient as you can (you can for example M1+Space+M1 3 times+Space again, or M1+Space+Trap+M1+Space again) Don't forget than you can't recast a spell if you use a new recastable spell just after (Space + M2 + you can't recast space) Also, if you don't recast an ability, you will keep your stacks !

    Switch targets ! It is really important to be unpredictable in your poking, as important as being at the maximum distance from them. Aim properly and change targets in a unpredicatble maner, so you will be able to make your ennemies wasting defensive spells.

    Orb control

    You can pretty much secure the orb by your own with your high damage input (EXM2 + M1 + Space / with R1/R2 battlerites => EXM2 + M1 / Your ult at R5 can secure it alone)

    With your teammate = you have to be aware of the damages your ally and ennemies can deal to the orb, and wait the good moment to take it with a burst.

    Synergy & Match-up

    We are actually updating Synergy and Match-ups.

    A video with Jumong

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