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    Ft. Blankkz


    Burst, constant damage



    Absorb Shield, iframe, self heal



    Heal, iframe



    AOE Petrify, AOE stun, push, slow, projectile reflect





    The Time Mender


    • AoE slow

    • Very long AOE stun

    • Good M1 potential

    • Good damage


    • Linear gameplay

    • Lack of teammates supporting

    1. Standard build

    Offensive support allows you to deal a great amount of damage, and keep your utility as healer.

    Without reflect


    Time Bomb reduces incoming healing by 20% and outgoing damage by 10%.


    Shared fate

    Time Bomb deals 2 bonus damage and explodes dealing area damage when the effect ends.



    Rejuvenating Sand applies a Renew effect healing the target for 6 health after 3.5s.


    Chrono shift

    Shifting Sands creates a Lesser Chronoflux that reflects projectiles and slows movement speed.



    Traveling through an ally with Shifting Sands grants the ally a Shield absorbing 16 damage lasting up to 3s.


    Sand struck

    Quicksand can be recast to throw a Lesser Quicksand with half the effect, that applies Time Bomb instead of consuming it.


    Basic guide

    Beginner tips

    Oldur gameplay is pretty simple : spam M1 and M2 as much as you can and avoid hitting counters. Your M1's have a pretty good range so you are able to zone your opponents from a decent distance.

    Try to catch important spells with your Time Bender (Q), remember that casting projectiles back with it has a 0.1 casting time, so you can, for example, almost send back a Jade sniper shot immediately!

    Try to bait out enemy ultimate then dodge it with your own ult to safety, or you can just try to stun them when their escape cooldowns are down.


    Difficulty :
    R + M1 + E + M1

    Difficulty :
    Q + M1 + Recast Q

    If you absorb a projectile, you can optimize your damage by doing M1 before recast Q.

    Mastering guide


    You always want to poke from a good distance as Oldur, never get in melee range or in closed areas. Try to reposition immediately with your space if you come to this, and then use your Time Bender wisely or you would be very vulnerable to an all in.

    Sudden death

    Try to Petrify enemies to secure the orb. You can use your ultimate in the same way if your opponent has no escape left.

    If melee opponents hit your Time Bender, they can be pushed to the fog.

    You can also push people away with your chronoflux to create distance between you and them so you can trade safely. You can also push them into the fog with it

    Your Quicksand is a good AOE ability to control the small area in sudden death.

    Your ultimate is very powerful in Sudden Death so use it carefully to either deal damage or avoid incoming damage/crowd control.

    When the area is fully closed, if you have more health than your opponent, space through him to deal a bit of damage and go to the small health orbs. They are really important to pick up in the end, since they provide true health and healing.

    Advanced tips

    Your EX1 has a really long range, a good way to finish off ennemies trying to run away, or just to poke them by M1ing, then using EXM1 to proke Sand of time effect, getting a 36 combo damages !

    Your ultimate is a good way to burst down ennemies. If you hit the stun, you can put a free E + M1 + another M1 combo, dealing 48 damage in a short time (and another 8 damage input after 3.5 sec). Don't forget that your ultimate resets 25% of your cd's as well, try to make it profitable to rise the value of this spell.

    Your Petrify(R) is a spell you want to abuse, allowing you to disengage/reposition or just to set up a M1 + E + M1 combo (Petrify gives a 20hp shield to your ennemy, your M1 dealing 12 damage and E proking the 8 damage from sand of time instantly, you will be able to put a 28 damage combo with this tip everytime you hit your petrify.)

    You can use Chronoflux in front of your allies to save them from incoming ennemy projectiles, helping them trading safely without losing hp.

    Orb control

    Your M1+E synchronized deal 28 damage on the orb, a good way to secure/steal orbs for your team.

    E+EX1 is another good combo to deal 32 damage to the orb for 25% energy.

    Your Chronoflux is a really good spell to secure orb, always try to put it in front of it so ennemies won't be able to steal it away from you.

    Synergy & Match-up

    We are actually updating Synergy and Match-ups.



    You have advantage trading against Lucie. Always save your ultimate for her ultimate with the exception that she uses clarity and then you can ultimate offensively into her dealing a lot of damage.


    One of the only problems against Rook is his space. The most optimal play is to time bender his space or space away from it if your Q is on cooldown and then deal damage to him but avoid hitting his counters. You can always fake cast your M1s or miss on purpose to make him counter. If you are being rushed down, try to petrify him after he has used M2.


    Try to avoid his Javelin. You can fake cast your petrify to bait out his counter. Petrify him when he has no space. He cannot chase you properly behind walls so you can always space through walls to run away from him. Be aware of his ultimate, use your petrify or ultimate if you have no space to escape it.


    Use Chronoflux to trade against Ezmo. Be aware of his double space. Try to use your abilities after he used his second space so you can trade properly against him. Chronoflux will help you getting the orb against him. Your Chrono Shift battlerite is really good against ezmo.


    Be aware of her ultimate, try to use your own ultimate to counter it. If your allies get caught by her shark, Chronoflux in front of them so they don’t get silence combo'd by her.


    Try to petrify him when he has no stealth or jumps. Sometimes you can predict his stealth and petrify him when he is still invisible. Time Bender when he jumps on you.

    A video with Oldur

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