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    Ft. Blankkz


    Poke, burst



    iframe, little self heal, shield



    Heal, shield, damage reduction



    Panics, brain bug, root, invocation block





    Lord of the Swarm


    • High team sustain

    • Good controls


    • Easy target

    • Can be punished easily

    1. Standard build

    Great mix between control and offensive options, use control and natural abilities to survive.

    Against pressure team Damage bonus


    You move 7% faster for each nearby enemy or ally affected by Moth. Stacks up to 3 times.



    Allows you to Infest an additional target.



    When Bloodsucker hits a target affected by Moth it deals 6 bonus damage to enemies and heals 6 bonus health to allies.


    Hive mind

    Queen cooldown is reduced by 1s and recasting the Queen commands it to fly towards target location.


    Swarm queen

    Queen spawns with a Swarm Shield that absorbs up to 28 damage and lasts 1.2s.


    Egg carrier

    Arachnophobia bounces forward, causing another impact. The radius of the second impact is increased by 15%.


    Spiderling venom

    Arachnophobia deals 8 damage on impact and Panic duration increases by 0.5s.


    Basic guide

    Beginner tips

    Try to improve on landing your space consistently, you can’t afford to miss it.

    The queen is your best ability, you can protect yourself or a friend from projectiles, melees assault and even prevent the enemy from taking the orb.

    Don't be affraid to abuse your R to prevent a lot of damage from ennemies while they are attacking you.

    After a panic, use a quick M1 + M2 to deal a lot of damage to your enemy.

    Use a lot of R as your EX abilities are not that important.


    Difficulty :
    Q + Break + exE + M1 + M2

    A great burst/control combo : after put the queen, use exE on an opponent and recast E to put him into the queen (you can move the queen into him if you've got the rite). If you timed it well, you can use M2 on the opponent that will take M2 + queen burst (and get panic). If the queen isn't ready to explode, it's generaly worth to use M2 on it to panic your opponent.

    Difficulty :
    exM2 + E

    If the enemy doesnt have iframe, you can use and abuse this combo.

    Difficulty :
    Q + Recast Q + M2

    If you have the Recast Queen Battlerite, you can move the queen when she is almost ready to explode and M2 on opponent for burst.

    Mastering guide


    Don’t rush too hardly, you want to keep yourself and your allies at full health at all cost, try to be offensive only if you are at Max Health, or if you can finish someone off, just don’t be greedy. Against some comps, (melee heavy for example), you just want to sit back and try to survive instead of being aggressive.

    Try to stick to your range and putting down queens to protect both of you, the key is to always have 2 targets to space to, queen and a champion (ally if possible since the ennemy could run to his allies to punish you after).

    Sudden death

    Pestilus is pretty good for sudden death thanks to his multiple crowd control spells. Moth will help you in 1vs1 scenario, as it will heal you up while doing damage.

    Be careful when using your space because it could put you out of the safe zone due to the minimum travel distance when leaving someone.

    EX1 can help you pushing people to the death zone and leave them rooted.

    Use your panic when they have no abilities to dodge it so you can deal a lot of damage and make them run out from the safe zone. You can also use EX2 for this purpose as it is a ranged projectile and harder to dodge.

    Always control the orb with your Queen and M2 to deal the finishing blow.

    Advanced tips

    Using M1 on your queen at least once will heal you as she is affected by Moth.

    Try to put down your queen in between a melee and you, it will push them back and allow you to gain some time before infesting.

    Against melees, you can use frequently your Ex M2 to root and replace correctly.

    You can use your ultimate quite freely, as your 3 charges can almost guarantee at least one or two hit, if you manage to fake cast well enough to make them wasting escapes.

    Orb control

    Great orb control thanks to his M2.If you have mid control, just leave it at 30hp and land your M2 (you can put a queen between orb and ennemies to protect it).

    If ennemy is protecting the orb, you can try a steal with a queen explosion for a 24 damages burst (Q+M2 on it).

    An other situationnal possibility is to make a M1 + ExM2 for a 18 burst damages (when you are next to the orb don't have time to cast the m2).

    Synergy & Match-up

    We are actually updating Synergy and Match-ups.



    The objective of this composition is to kite and not getting catch. Here you have a great composition since pestilus is one of the best protector and varesh one of the best damage dealer at range

    Ruh Kaan

    They are both good at protecting each other, if you likes long rounds then you'll like this composition.



    Use a lot of ExM2 against croak and raigon. You can trade against them without taking damage when they are rooted by your ExM2. Keep in mind that you can use ExM2 Raigon when he is using Parry.


    The root here will force him to use immaterial (he will keep rush you), then you can panic him pretty much easily. Also use space behind walls if needed, shifu can't go over the wall.

    A video with Pestilus

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