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    Ft. Imoshen


    Poke, burst



    Counter, invulnerability, iframe, self-healing, haste





    AOE incapacitate, armor break, slow, stun, push





    The Hungering Berserker


    • High Damage

    • Invulnerable buff

    • Good Self Healing


    • Only one air time

    • Counter reliant

    • Boulder isn't a good spell at all

    1. Standard build

    Basically the most used build in soloQ and 2v2, combine cc and damages. Very strong to punish.

    Constant presure Begginer - Rush problems


    Landing Rush causes you to enter Berserk for 1.5s.



    Damage taken during Berserk is reduced by 30%.



    Crushing Blow inflicts a 0.5s Stun.



    Berserk movement speed bonus is increased by 30%.


    Rook smash

    Crushing Blow deals 6 bonus damage.


    Pummel rush

    Successful Pummel hits reduce the cooldown of Rush by 0.4s.



    Rush cooldown is reduced by 1s, using Rush without hitting an enemy reduces the cooldown by another 3s.

    2. 3v3 Team build

    This allow you to play rook as “utility” champion more than solo rush. Focus on boulder and CC. Keep your rush only to punish.



    Boulder Toss deals 2 bonus damage and inflicts Armor Break.



    BoulderToss inflicts a 1s Fading Snare and cooldown is reduced by 1.5s.



    Crushing Blow inflicts a 0.5s Stun.



    Berserk movement speed bonus is increased by 30%.



    Landing Rush causes you to enter Berserk for 1.5s.


    Basic guide

    Beginner tips

    At the beggining of each round, you have to get close to your target either by using your mount to get close ( beware of getting dismounted in this case, you can use your counter here if you can predict your opponents m1) or by using your Space. If you get close with your mount, you will have an advantage, because you can still use your Space (Rush) to follow your opponent if he uses his own movement ability.

    Your counter is a spell you DON'T want to waste, use it only if you are almost sure to get hit by something, or you will have a bad time during those 8 seconds cooldown.

    Use M2 to dodge AoE spells and counter to tank single-hit attacks.


    Difficulty :
    E + exM2

    Difficulty :
    exM2 + E

    Difficulty :
    R + E + M2

    Do your R in a wall to incap your opponent.

    Mastering guide


    Play wisely and slowly. You can really put yourself in a bad situation because of a failed Space.

    After each trade, try to go back and wait to recover your cooldowns (M2, R, Q, Space)

    Sudden death

    Sudden death is one of the strongest suits of Rook.

    Since the arena gets a lot smaller, it also gets easier to pressure your opponent and force them to do mistakes.

    In a 1v1 Sudden death, your main goal is to play slowly.

    It is important that you start casting Rush and cancel it before you actually charge. This way, you can get some opponents to blow their escapes (or Defensive CD's in general) before you engage.

    It is also immensely important to get the orb in a Sudden Death situation.

    Try to Eat (EXM1) to heal as much taken damage as you can, and also to spam your R to push your ennemies out of the safe zone

    Advanced tips

    Try to bait as much defensive spells as you can with your space fake casts, but don't do it in a too predictable way or it won't be effective !

    Spam Eat (EXM1) as much as you can before a trade : it will guarantee you an easier trade as you sustain while attacking your opponent.

    Orb control

    Playing orb depends on your teams position to the orb. When you have the middle secured and the other team is trying to push in or steal the orb, it is often a good idea to standas an obstacle between the orb and your opponents. Be careful not to use "Crushing Blow" at the wrong time, because you might let an ranged opponent stealing the orb away from you.

    Use your counter if they try to put pressure on you.

    Another thing you can do in this situation is to knock the orb back with your "Boulder Toss" into the opposite direction of the enemy team.

    A good combo to secure the orb is : E (16 damages) + EXM2 (24) = 40 damages

    Synergy & Match-up

    We are actually updating Synergy and Match-ups.



    You have a good potential against croak if you can read his invisibility. It is definitely not an auto-win matchup. Use your Crushing Blow when you think he is near you and going for the stun. Then Smack him away until he comes out of Invis. Do not try to use your counter to potentially tank his stun, because if you fail, he will be dominating you for 8 seconds


    If you do not get hit by her fear, you have a very good chance of killing her. Watch out for her Battlerite build. If she has invis on Other Side she will be more slippery. If she has her Fear reset after using Spirit Guide, you have to watch out for it. Try to use "Crushing blow" when she uses her Spirit Guide Knockback.


    You want to dodge his Stone Glass by using Crushing Blow before you get petrified. (The little bar ontop of your healthbar indicates when you will get petrified) Otherwise this is just a matter of using Rush on him when he used his Shifting Sands and not hitting Time Bender. Use Crushing Blow only for Stone Glass and Time Travel unless you know that he has no energy for them or that those spells are on cooldown (in that case, it can be good to use it against Quicksand)


    She can very successfully deal tons of unavoidable damage to you. You have to catch her by avoiding Wind Strike with your Berserk or Crushing Blow. Beware of her Wind Bomb, it can and will interrupt your Rush and other spells (like Berserk)


    She is very good against melees in general and Rook is not an exception to that. Be aware of her knockback (Junk Shot) and her stun after using Blast Vault.


    He is the perfect example of Mind Game notion as a winning or losing factor. Make him use his Molten Fist and Searing Flight before you use Rush. Else you have little chance of catching him. Beware of his Ex2 (Molten Chains). It can give him the room to get away even if you catch him without having his escape abilites up !

    A video with Rook

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