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    Ft. MrHuDat





    Iframe, counter, dash, AOE heal



    AOE Heal



    AOE Petrify, weaken, slow





    the Zenith


    • Can punish with burst

    • Good CC

    • Good ultimate


    • Can be punished easily

    • Bad utility kit

    1. Standard build

    This build goes well for Sirius since his objective is to punish opponent with burst.

    Against low presure Against over presure

    Debilitating slash

    Charged Crescent Strike's Weaken duration increases by 1s and the factor increases by 10%.


    Lethal slash

    Charged Crescent Strike deals 6 bonus damage.



    Celestial Split heals 8 more health. Healing an ally reduces its cooldown by 4s.



    Lunar Strike can be recast for a short time period to spawn a Lesser Lunar Strike.



    Charged Crescent Strike hits empower your next Sunlight causing 1 additional beam to strike the same area healing nearest ally for 12 health.



    Astral Beam inflicts a 35% Snare on targets.


    Celestial Cycle

    Prismatic Strike hits recharge your weapon by 50%.


    Basic guide

    Beginner tips

    Manage your counters correclty, sirius rely on using it properly in order not to get destroyed.

    Never jump in first, wait your teammate to blow opponents cooldowns up first.

    Use your petrifies a lot to turn the fight in a 2v1 (or 3v2).

    Both space versions attract ennemies, which is quite useful to land your charged M1's.

    Use EXM1 to finish off low hp ennemies.

    Track down ennemies defensive cooldowns to use your ultimate at a full potential. Note that along dealing damages, it also heals you allies, which is helpful to support a melee champion close to your target.


    Difficulty :
    R + M1 Charged

    This is the main combo to burst your target.

    Difficulty :
    M1 Charged + R + M1 Charged

    With the Celestial Cycle Battlerite, if you hit 2 person, your weapon will be recharged completely.

    Difficulty :
    exM1 + E

    A great control combo is ExM1 on an ennemy, that will slow him. Then you can put a E to petrify him easily. His only way to escape it is to use an escape spell, wich allow you to punish him after it.

    Mastering guide


    Specific 2v2 game mode

    You have to be aggressive without initiating the trade, wait your ally to engage or defensive spells used from your ennemies before engaging yourself. Sirius can easily be punished, try to keep space to escape if you aren't in a position to counter something.

    Specific 3v3 game mode

    You have to support your team as much as you can with your kit. Hit as much petrify as you can and slow your ennemies using your EXM1. If only 1 champion is engaging you, don't overreact and use your charged M1 to minimize his damages, use a escape spell if at least 2 champions are rushing you.

    Sudden death

    Sudden death is synonym of bad news for sirius, since his space has a minimal range, it might be possible that you could'nt use it at this time, and you don't have any knock back to push your ennemies away from the safe zone. Your only hope is petrifies to get orbs and ultimate to deal with them. Don't forget that your 1v1 is still powerful enough to do it even in Sudden Death.

    Advanced tips

    Petrify can be a real advantage for you, you can gain some free energy hitting your ennemy (2 M1 max = 10%) on a petrified champion.

    You can also time your charged M1 to hit your ennemy just at the end of the petrify, letting him no chance to dodge it (some training can be required for such a timing).

    It is important to cancel the charged M1 cast if it is going to miss, or the stack will be wasted. (Don't forget that charged M1 has a little bit longer casting time than a normal M1).

    If you take the Sunbath Battlerite, use your charged Heal on yourself in SoloQ if your ally looks like dodging a lot of your heals, and then don't run away from the healing zone, or tell them by writting it in the chat if you want to use it on your mate. If you are in vocal, just tell your teammates that your heal is charged.

    EXM1 is quite a powerful skillshot, which slow your target, allowing you to hit a few more if needed. It is also quite useful to bait ennemies. escapes.

    Sirius ultimate is really powerful as well, try to keep your energy to use it. Track down the defensive spells of your ennemies to get the full potential of this spell, espcially with your Round 5 Battlerite. It can be interrupted by another skill at any moment.

    You can use your ExSpace during your ultimate, which will consume all your energy left (since you cancel it), but in some cases, it will allow you to make profitable of your energy in the case you just miss your ultimate.

    Orb control

    You can petrify your ennemies before (watch out for the spawn timing) or burst it with R+charged M1 (40 damages) to steal it away from your ennemies

    With the damage bonus on M1 charged, you can secure the orb solo with a EXM1 + Charged M1 + M1

    Synergy & Match-up

    We are actually updating Synergy and Match-ups.



    It is quite hard to get in melee range of an ashka as sirius, try to bait his escapes with EXM1 to make him way less mobile.


    Petrify at his space location and use charged M1 to reduce his damage when trading.


    it is very hard for you to counter his stealth stun. Be careful about your positionning.


    The silence with blow you up, and his kit can make a lot of pressure on you, just punish him after his double space.


    The space stun is really annoying for you, don't counter at this time or you would get in a big trouble.


    She has a mid/long range important pressure, and it is quite hard to get in melee range, try to ignore her and focus the other players.


    Her long range pressure is annoying and it is very hard to get in melee range.


    You can rush him very easily when he uses M2, and he can't do anything against you.


    Your ultimate destroys her once she used her roll.


    He can pressure from a long range, get in melee range quickly with the help of your ally.


    Her AOE silence can hit you without proking counter, she can also cleanse the petrifies with her bubble shield, just petrify her and destroy her ally.


    Pestilus is quite easy to petrify and to punish since he has only 1 escape, don't hesitate to spam charged M1 + R + charged M1 combo since the queen will recharge your weapon !


    You can time your counter on the wolf bounce, and she is also quite easily to punish but be careful when you use your ultimate since she has a lot of solution to counter and escape it : Spam your EX spells instead.


    Raigon can stick to you very easily.

    Ruh Kaan

    His silence and E is tricky to deal with, it won't be easy to petrify him. Trade him with your weaken.


    Rook is quite predictable (and easy to counter), and you can easily petrify him after his M2.


    Sirius can outtrade Shifu if he misses his immaterial, you can either petrify or weaken him after it.


    Make use of your own weakness and punish him for a misuse of his counter or space, and petrify him when you can.


    Taya is very hard to get in melee range, and can easily kill you if you try in vain. Take root Battlerite at Round 3 to make this match up easier for you


    Try your best to dodge his silence, but don't forget that a correct ultimate can punish him .


    Both of your champions have a lot of damages, but she has way more defensive possibilites than you, even if she is still vulnerable to your ult after she used Space.

    A video with Sirius

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