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    Ft. Womackx


    Poke, constant damage, burst



    Lifesteal, shield, counter, iframe






    Silence, slow, push, reduce damage and healing





    The Eternal


    • Versatile

    • High damage

    • Silence spam


    • Hard to learn and master

    • Easily punishable

    1. Standard build


    Absolute power

    Powers Combined repeats itself 1 extra time.



    Silence duration when Judgement is consumed increases to 1s from 0.5s.



    Inhibitor's Guard absorbs 14 more damage.



    Shatter can be cast while moving at 75% speed.



    Increases your maximum energy by 25% and energy gained from abilities is increased by 10%.


    Basic guide

    Beginner tips

    Use your shield smartly, too early or too late is the same problem : you won't block any damage and just waste the cooldown.

    You have to learn to hit your E's properly, it may take some time to train it, but being good at Varesh rely on your steadiness at hitting your ennemies with it.

    Use your ultimate on a target with no escape left since it is quite slow, and so very easy to react and dodge it with any escape ability.

    You can use your R in early rounds without having issue, but as soon as your ennemies get enough energy to ult, you have to be really careful since it's your only iFrame, and your only escape ability.


    Difficulty :
    M1 + exM2 + M1

    A basic combo you can use frequently. You can finish the burst with E or R to trigger marks.

    Difficulty :
    exE + M2

    Your exE moves your opponent to a specific location, so you can aim easily with your M2.

    Mastering guide


    You have to play aggressively most of the time, use your M2 from a long range at the beggining, but don't stand as immobile as a turret either. You have to lead and pressure a lot. Be the initiating person, as long as you play this way, you will rarely lose trades, but once you have to burn every of your defensive cooldowns, it will be very hard for you to survive. (Try to always keep one in case).

    Keep in mind that Varesh's M1's deal 16 damages, heal you and apply a 15% damage debuff to your ennemies, which allows you to out trade basically everyone. You have a large skill panel to constantly attack your ennemy, without actually putting yourself in dangerous situations where you will have to burn a lot of cooldowns to get out. If you need to escape, disengage completely and wait for every of your cooldowns to be up. You need not to let your ennemies stalling time over you.

    Sudden death

    Just abuse of your EX-E (Crush) to push your opponents out of the safe zone, and to secure orbs.

    Advanced tips

    EX Crush is your best asset against melee champions, just place it under yourself or an ally to push your ennemies away. The cooldown is very low but it has an energy cost (25%).

    You need, of course, to know how to counter, but also to know where to land after it, you have to be unpredictable to surprise and pressure as much as you can.

    Varesh earns a lot of energy with his M1, you will have enough to spam your EX skills, it won't be a necessity to keep your energy for your ult since it is very easy to dodge. Use it versus champions having only 1 escape (if they used it, of course) (Pearl, Pestilus, Sirius... etc).

    Orb control

    Use your EX E (Crush) a lot, this spell can secure the orb, pushing it towards you and your ally. With a bit of training you will be able to predict where the orb will land after your Crush, so you will be able to M2 with a good timing for a burst of 34 damages.

    Synergy & Match-up

    We are actually updating Synergy and Match-ups.



    Aim better than him and you will win, rely on your EXM2 as much as you can. (and not your ult !)


    You can't dodge his space and he can easily stick to you, you can't really afford to trade with him.


    He can out trade you and dodge most of your spells quite easily, the key to win this match up is to dodge his spaces at any cost.


    Keep your counter when he summons his Book (R) and use your ultimate when his double space is down.


    Quite annoying at the beggining, use your space to stun her or your EX-E to create space when she all in you.


    She will poke you from a long range and finish you off at short range. She can also clear your debuffs with her shield. Use your ult after her space (or double space if she took the Battlerite for it).


    Her silence/root will prevent you from running away from a melee, and she can snipe you from a very long range (practice to counter her M2 at the last moment, not to waste it)


    he can 't dodge your M2's, is quite easy to rush, don't try to trade with him from long distances : rush him straight with your ally.


    She can't trade with you at all, and can't dodge your spells.


    You will learn to hate him : his bubble (EX-Q), his petrify, his ultimate, and the pression he can put on you are just too annoying for you. You can't do anything, your only way to beat him is to use crush to push him away from his bubble and punish him.


    Same problem as Oldur with even more bubbles. The solution is the same (EX-E to push her away from it). But she is more vulnerable to your ult.


    Use your ultimate after his space, and your EX-E (Crush) to push him away from his Queen.


    She can't dodge your M2, you don't even need to get close to her, moreover, her wolf (E) is really easy to counter.


    Raigon can stick to you very easily. Use your Ex-E to push away if he is casting parry and burst him with Ex-M2

    Ruh Kaan

    A little annoying because of his hook (E) and silence (Charged M1) but you can out trade him quite easily.


    Don't proke his counter and everything will be ok. Use your EX-E (Crush) to push away from you.


    He can stick to you a lot, but you can stun him very easily, use your counter during his space (Immaterial), even if he doesn't proke it !


    Bait his counter and kite him. Be aware to his space fake M1.


    She is very fast, don't fool yourself, you won't hit her with your M2, try rather to help your teammate, since it will be very hard to win your 1v1 versus her.


    Aim better than him, and bait his counters to win.


    You will be able to push her away from her tree with your EX-E (Crush), and then to deal a lot of damages with you M2, but be aware of not getting it countered ! She is vulnerable to your ult (only 1 escape) but it's still better to use your EXM2 in this match up.

    A video with Varesh

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